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Advanced paper snowflakes

Every kid learns how to fold and cut a paper snowflake. However let’s be honest they are a bit naff.

Well, the brilliant news is that they need not be naff at all. In fact a good paper snowflake can look utterly charming. There are a couple of tips to making wonderfully stylish flakes which, if you follow them, will give you a way to make a literally endless succession of totally unique and beautiful Christmas decorations.

Paper snowflakes are not square.

The first tip is that a snowflake has six, not eight sides. So, if you fold your piece of paper in half, then in half again and then once more, you end up with a four or eight pointed star, which is never going to impress anybody.

Remember that you want six points, so you need to fold in half, in half again and then into thirds. This simple difference makes a massive difference.

Any size square of  paper will do but I find paper squares of 4 to 6 inches work best. Thinner paper is easier to work with than thick paper.

Clever cuts for paper snowflakes

The second tip concerns the size of your snips. When cutting out little triangles from the folded paper we never cut enough away. If you take away far more paper than you leave you get far more interesting and authentic looking snowflakes.

It is easier to show this than explain so look at the results below and see if you too can make really good snowflakes this Christmas.