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Burning off the Christmas dinner

The average Briton eats an extra umpteen and a half thousand calories every Christmas. And then we feel miserable about it and spend January comfort eating or spending miserable hours sweating in the gym.

There is a better way. If you give yourself energetic treats during the holidays you will burn off much of the damage that the food and drink can do, while enjoying yourself.

For example, quite a lot of temporary ice rinks suddenly make a appearance around the end of December. In the south of England, Windsor, Brighton (pictured), Winchester, Hampton Court and London’s west end all have special ice rinks set up. ┬áThere are plenty more right across the country.

An hours session on the ice can burn around 500 calories without making you feel that you are doing anything other than having a great time.

Winter walks in the countryside are another great way to burn off the Christmas dinner. Being outside in the cold increases your metabolic base rate so you burn calories faster than on warmer days. So get out there and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Take a camera and head out looking for winter scenes to capture. Trudging across fields is a great workout and the photographic memories you gather will be so much more fulfilling than another Christmas spent in front of the telly.