Christmas 2020 will be different but can still be wonderful

Ask yourself honestly; is ‘my perfect Christmas moment ‘ really at party with hundreds of people?


Socially distancing ourselves from friends and loved ones will be hard for some of us, but it doesn’t have to mean Christmas 2020 is cancelled. In fact, with a little imagination this Christmas really could turn out to be the best one ever.

The perfect christmas moment is often at home with candles and jumpers and a roaring fire and only close family around you. How close the family will be will obviously depend on the lockdown rules in place. Nobody likes to restrict the free movement of people, especially during the holidays. If they possibly can, the government  will want to loosen restrictions to ensure families can enjoy Christmas together. If you do have to see fewer people than usual, remember that you are not alone.

Even if we are OK to mingle freely,  lets reconsider going to the tacky events and boozy parties. In the run up to the big day we don’t have to be abusing our livers in order to get into the Christmas spirit. We don’t need ‘santaworlds’ and ‘christmaslands’ full of long queues, stale candyfloss and the bitter taste of disappointment that the reindeer look so unhappy. Really, that is not what the season should ever have been about and this year we can consign it to the dustbin of history in good conscience.

This is definitely not the year to worry too much about the bloomin’ dinner either . Although there is no rationing to contend with, you may well need to get deliveries sorted, and that adds a level of unpredictability. Ask yourself “Will the Tesco van arrive in time?” and then ask yourself “What will happen if it doesn’t?”  Consider that you may not be in a position to go out on a last minute shopping dash if the sprouts don’t turn upon Christmas Eve as planned. If that should happen,  This is the year to say ‘who cares’ and double up on the carrots instead.

For many people the perfect Christmas moment is in reflecting on nature. If you can get out for long country walks then do so. Long walks are great to clear the head and seeing a real robin on Christmas day is so much better than a picture on a card.

When it comes to decorations, you may not want, or be allowed to wander the garden centre looking at the latest trinkets. Last year’s decorations are in the loft and they will do. Or else why not  get zeitgeistily creative and decorate the tree with nothing but disposable face masks?

In fact homemade decorations may definitely be the way to go. If you have unexpected time on your hands, why not use it to create something authentic and unique that was made with love and care. Better that than the product of a factory-made plastic bauble that will end up in landfill.

We have all got pretty good at using Zoom this year. Lets make sure we use it well and stay connected with those we love. Reconnect with those who we haven’t seen and spread as much digital christmas cheer as is humanly possible.

Regardless of what the end of this year throws at us, lets remember the sacrifices made by the NHS workers . All those rainbows in the windows back in April showed just how easy it is to make a stranger smile. Lets decorate our houses with love and let the first responders know we are thinking of them too.

Above all if Christmas 2020 is a little different, don’t think the kids are going to somehow lose out. This year has shown us just how resilient the little ones are. They adapt and they find fun in whatever situation they are in. They will not miss most of the usual rubbish we dump of them at the end of December. Sitting on Santa’s knee in a department store was always more for the parents benefit than the kids. They take their emotional cues from the adults around them, so if you have a positive, ‘it doesn’t matter, lets have fun anyway’ attitude, that is how the kids will be too.