Christmas Holly Clipart

A bit of holly can always cheer the place up at Christmas time.

Free Holly Clipart

I know for certain that all the holly clipart is on this page is free because I drew it myself. Please
feel free to use for any non-commercial purpose. Drawing holly isn’t particularly difficult, but it is quite rewarding when someone says thanks.  I hope you enjoy these simple
Christmas pictures.



Here is another holly sprig with a few more berries. Again, I drew this myself
so you are free to use it without fear of breaking anyone’s copyright.


This picture of a sprig on holly is another of mine so copy it and use it

at home or school.



At the holly, reindeer and turkey time of year it is always great to get
a christmas present from an unexpected source, so please consider this little
clipart collection my xmas present to you.

Here is another holly picture to colour in. This clipart has some holly, a bell and a banner for you to add a message to if you want.


Most of these start off as pencil sketches which I then photograph on my mobile phone, import into Paint Shop Pro and reproduce in vector format so all the lines are much neater than the original.

Free holly leaves clip art

The one above was drawn differently. I used my iPad and a paint program  called ArtStudio, drew the holly with my finger and then filled in using the ‘paint bucket’ tool.

Holly by chris

Merry Christmas to  all.


(PS: If you want to use any of these images for commercial purposes, please
contact me for details first).