Disney Decorations

Disney have given us some of the world’s greatest family movies. Every Christmas millions upon millions of us sit down together to watch a Disney classic or two.

Some of the films are more christmassy than others and some of the characters make perfect tree ornaments.


Walt himself loved Mickey more than anything and so mickey still appears in the ranges that the company produce, but of course there are plenty of other Disney characters who have been turned into tree decorations.


Olaf, the Snowman from the 2013 movie Frozen is an obvious choice. He was both adorable and already a type of thing that people hang on their trees. Disney created this little ornament which could slip in among the rest of your tree decorations without anybody passing comment.

Similarly, magical creatures such as elves and dwarves are wrapped up in european Christmas legends, so the seven dwarves from Snow White were another obvious choice. I think you will agree they look lovely.


This little ornament is one of my favourites. Lumiere the French candlestick from Beauty and the Beast is decorated with a little holly swag which finishes the look of the decoration to perfection.

Disney-Traditions-Anna-Hanging-Ornament-0 Disney-Traditions-Elsa-Hanging-Ornament-0

Occasionally Disney do drop the ball though. I feel these ┬áversions of Anna and Elsa (again from Frozen) don’t really hit the mark at all.


Pooh and Piglet on the other hand are almost perfect, aside from the odd decorations across Pooh’s tummy. I like the slightly faceted surface of the pieces, reminiscent of the finish on carved wooden figurines.