Favourite ornaments of the year (so far)

After the horrific shudder of seeing shops suddenly turning into glitzy Christmas wonderlands shortly after the first of September has subsided, I start looking for new ornaments.

In our house we add a few Christmas ornaments to our tree each year and now have enough of them to decorate half a forest. The decorations come from all over the world and are a mix of traditional baubles, wooden carvings, shop bought mass market tat and one off handmade art pieces. We are basically magpies in Santa costumes.

In the local homebase this week we spotted this little chap on a shelf and instantly had him (and two others) in the shopping basket.

One small step for a space robot


Robot Spacemen, what’s not to like? He is only four inches tall, but utterly adorable. I love the slightly slapdash hand painted finish, giving him a goofy lopsided grin. In terms of design there is a slightly 1950s Japanese tinplate toy feel although he is actually made of glass. I don’t hold out too much hope for those waving fingers lasting more than a few Christmases.

Spaceman on tree

As I mentioned, he came with two other robots in a ridiculously overpriced three pack, but neither of his colleagues are anywhere near as good as the waving spaceman. They have been covered with glitter in what seems to have been an attempt to cover up the deficiencies of their design. Oh, well, they may never get to hang on our tree, but the spaceman will take pride of place, alongside last year’s favourite, a wooden scuba diver from The incredible German Christmas shop, Kathe Wohlfart.

Tree ornaments don’t have to match

Our tastes are eclectic as you can tell. We don’t try to colour colordinate our tree ornaments and other decorations. It’s Christmas after all. A time to let your inner child loose and what child wouldn’t be delighted to get a cheery wave from a robot astronaut?