Three ways to fold your napkins like a tinsel covered god.

We  really love this. It is just brilliant and that is not just opinion… Well, alright it is just opinion, but nonetheless … A way to fold napkins that just screams ‘Christmas’ louder than Noddy Holder with a megaphone.

Alternatively… go for a star shaped napkin fold and make your guests so jealous of your decorating skills that they will forget that you burned the sprouts and overcooked the turkey again.

Folding napkins is not on everyone’s list of interests, but since you are making an effort with just about everything else at Christmas, why stop when it comes to napkins?

Our third design choice is a rose or lotus flower design. We reckon if you use red napkins, call em poinsettias and nobody will know the difference.

Of course if folding cloth is beyond your talents (or you just can’t be bovvered) there is always the festive napkin ring to act as a fallback.  But here again, with some old bog roll tubes, ribbon, glue and a teensy bit of effort we can get great results.  Ignore the first 49 seconds of this video and the interesting stuff ends at 1.44 if you really want maximum results for minimal effort.