Fun Christmas traditions our parents forgot about

There are many traditions associated with Christmas, but our parents generation dumped most of them. They replaced them with television watching on a mammoth scale.

Well, I am on a mission to bring back the traditions of Christmas for everyone. Join me why don’t you?  it has got to be more fun than watching yet another Tom Cruise rerun.

Playing games

At Christmas, the family would gather round and play games together. The name game for example is the classic family game. One person thinks of something, tells the group if it is ‘animal, vegetable or mineral’ and then only responds with yes or no to questions from the rest of the family who try to guess what the thinker has in their mind.

The Christmas pedigree of this game is impeccable because in The Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ Scrooge’s nephew plays the game at his family Christmas Party.

Other games that work well in the same setting include charades, mind readers (also known as the station game)  and just a minute, where you attempt to speak for a minute on a given subject without hesitation, deviation or repetition.


This is the largely forgotten tradition of getting drunk at night in an orchard with friends and neighbours. Wassailng dates back to pre Christian times but survived as a widespread part of the Christmas festivals until the last century. A few groups (particularly in cider apple growing areas) remember to have a wassail but it used to be a huge thing for the community. What’s fun about it? Well, in the darkness meeting up around a fire and drinking cider… What’s not to like for heavens sake?


 Sending Christmas round robins

A tradition on the wane. In today’s world of social media we have forgotten the art of summarising the last year and sending copies to friends and relatives. There has also been a backlash from snippy journalists describing round robins as naff.