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We raided the office storeroom for Christmas decorations

Christmas was coming and everyone was working way too hard. We all had our noses to the grindstone and nobody had time to think about decorating the office.

Then, one lunchtime, I looked around at the bare walls and decided to make a stand. I announced that we world all stop work and decorate the office. However the nearest store selling decorations was half an hour’s drive away and it was bitterly cold outside. So, we raided our own supplies cupboard instead.

Hooray for Post It Notes

Post it notes are a brilliant invention. But who knew they make amazing decorations?  Cut them into thin strips with the sticky bit at one end of the strip.  Take a strip and loop it back on itself.  The sticky but will hold the loop together for long enough so that you can make it permanent with a staple.  Now repeat several hundred times and make good old fashioned paper chains to hang around the office.  Multi colour post it note packs are a particularly good find; rainbows of neon shades brighten up everyone’s day.

Another good use of the humble post it note is to make 3d snowflakes. A bit more fiddly, but definitely worth the effort.

Its Snowing


The one thing every office has in abundance is reams of white paper. Cue, snowflakes.  We all made these as kids, but the secret to good snowflakes is to fold the paper into 6 rather than 8 sections. Take a look at this video to see what you can achieve. Be careful with those scissors.

Coffee stirrer stars

our man in IT produced a bunch o these. I didn’t even know we had coffee stirrers. They hold together on their own, but a drop of glue here and there wouldn’t hurt.

Coffee stirrer stars