Orange slices as decorations

I was walking around Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s castle at Windsor  last Christmas and saw some fabulous decorations made from orange slices. Well, if they  are good enough for the Queen of England, they are good enough for anyone, so I decided to recreate them.

I sliced thinly across the oranges with a sharp knife. It is important to slice across rather than from to to bottom so that you get a good pattern. the thinner you slice the better it will be, but make sure each slice has a full ring of peel all around the outer rim.

Orange slice

Now we want to dry out our slices. This is easily done in a very low oven laying the slices out on a sheet and letting the gentle heat slowly take all the moisture out. this has the happy added advantage of making the kitchen smell glorious.

if you want your finished orang slices to look shiny, lightly sprinkle icing sugar onto the dried slices and pop them back in a warmer oven for 5 minutes or so until the icing sugar has melted. Your slices will have curled up and distorted their shape and this is good news.  you should now thread a series of  orange rings interspersed with cinnamon stick  spacers onto a red or gold ribbon.  A simple, natural Christmas decoration fit for a Queen.