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Queen Gets her tree from Germany

They say Prince Albert brought a new tradition to England when he set up and decorated a Christmas Tree in Windsor Castle in 1840. In fact other royals had enjoyed decorated trees in England since at least as early as 1800, but Albert certainly popularised the German tradition in Blighty.

prince albert christmas tree

Albert came from the German town of Coburg and in 2016 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday year, the burghers of Coburg offered a Christmas tree to the queen as a special gift.

The tree they sent was 40 feet high and currently stands in Windsor’s High Street next to the statue of Albert’s wife, Queen Victoria, on the spot that marks the official centre of the town.

The generous Germans also decorated the tree with over 2000 hand blown glass baubles. A delegation from Coburg including the town’s mayor and a distant relation of the Prince came across to officially light the tree and to turn on Windsor’s spectacular Christmas street lights in late November 2016.