Be ready to party anytime with this simple tip

Sudden last minute party Invitations are one of the things that make the Christmas season so much fun. However I noticed that last Christmas I turned down a good few parties simply because I was not really dressed to have fun.

I just didn’t want to turn up to a celebration wearing a shirt and tie after a day in the office.  The hosts may not mind but it’s about how I feel as much as anything. When I go to a party  I need to be in the party mood.

What we all need in a situation like that is an instant party costume. Guess what, I have found one. It sits in a pocket and can transform any clothing into a party costume in a matter of seconds. Best of all it only costs three pounds to buy.

My amazing Christmas transformation gadget is a set of battery powered LED Christmas lights.  I think they are sold to be put on the mini Christmas trees or something but basically you get 20  lights on a little wire attached to a battery which runs on three triple a batteries. I picked mine up in Lidl for three quid, but have seen them in plenty of DIY, discount and general stores all over.

Pop the battery pack into your pocket wind the string of lights up and around your neck and turn it on. Hey presto you are the most Christmassy person in the room. I keep my little battery light string in my coat it throughout Christmas season and never need to worry about not feeling in the party mood. No matter what I am wearing with my little gadget I am up for fun and celebration, ready to light up any room.