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Simple edible gift ideas

Cheap homemade presents for friends are always a good option and a trawl through YouTube while Mrs Rudolf was watching ‘strictly’ led to the following.

The really simple idea of dying marshmallows is pretty cool and this video from Tesco that got uploaded last year (other marshmallow and food dye retailers are available) gets across the technique with the minimum of fuss.

However, while Tesco do simple, other people do complex and produce some amazing results. 

Then there are advanced tie-dye effect marshmallows. These have to be done from scratch, so it’s not just a case of dipping shop-bought mallows, but if you have the urge and a few hippie friends to give them to, these could be the best gift ever.

I liked the food gift videos so much I started searching through Tescos videos for more ideas. I have always fancied making my own fudge and this film seems to make it appear easy.

And guess what… Truffles are easy too. Well I will stop there because Apparently  Ed Balls has just been voted off strictly and Mrs Rudolf is upset.