Small Christmas trees can outshine their bigger brothers

A big Christmas tree is a wonderful thing, but a small tree can sometimes be even better.  It all depends on location darling. A small tree in a huge room will never really work, but let’s not kid ourselves; few of us live in stately homes. Our rooms are small and our Christmas trees work best when they are proportionate to the room they are placed in.

In my little home we used to always go for eight foot Norman firs and then have to chop off the top foot in order to have enough space to put the angel on top. The front room was quite literally half filled with fir tree so I never got to sit on my usual armchair for half of December for fear of being blinded by pine needles.

Then one year I had had enough and bought pathetic little four and a half foot tree. 

After a big arguement

We put it on a low table so it still reached almost to the ceiling and decorated it using our usual tree decorations. This meant we had twice as many decorations per foot of tree than previous years. 

The results (we both agreed) were spectacular. The smaller tree seemed to fill the room far more than the bigger trees because it was so much more heavily decorated. We also had the opportunity to leave a few decorations in the box, being able to be more careful than usual to ‘balance’ size, colour and shape of decorations.

We also were able to reclaim the use of the front room during the Christmas period so we actually saw more of this tree than any of the previous year’s efforts.

So, if you are worried about buying a tree that is not big enough, worry no more. A small tree is great and we would never go back to ceiling scrapers any more.