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Tree decorations for free

… Or almost free.

Lots of Christmas tree decorations can be bought at half price in January. That’s the time to pick up bargain tinsel, baubles and whatnots.

However, you can also pick up totally free decorations in late autumn.  Fir cones come in masses of sizes and shapes and all of them look both beautiful and Christmassy.  Some people spray cones silver or gold for extra sparkle. Another method is to spread a bit of glue on the cones and then sprinkle glitter, again for extra sparkle.

Pine cone

Glue a bright ribbon to the end of the cone and hang it from a tree and you have a practically free, beautiful and natural Christmas tree decoration. Alternatively, you can attach wire to the bottom with a hot glue gun. This can then be used to secure the cone into a Christmas wreath to hang on your door.