White Decorations are so fashionable in 2018 it hurts

Every cool shop window, christmas catalogue and garden centre has put white decorations at the front of the store this season in the UK. Why, we dont know.  Who cares about fashion at Christmas for heaven’s sake? Lets blame  Gisela Graham shall we?   Whatever the reason, white decorations mixed with raffia, hessian or other slightly frayed natural materials in light shades of taupe are the overwhelming theme in all the store displays.

White Christmas decorations

You are probably expecting my to shout and rage at this crass mass market consumerism spoiling the spirit of the season.

Nah, why get streesed about nothing. Besides, I rather like a simple decoration theme. White candles work for me. White and silver thrown the light back into the room and look fantastic against a deep dark green tree.  Whats to complain about?

Walked into the Richard Harvey Collection store in Shipston on Stour (hooray for small independent stores in tiny Costswold towns you will never visit in your life) and got an instant White Christmas hit that had me feeling distinctly jolly holly for the first time of the season.

I guess the only issue is that some of our most beloved and garish decorations don’t work when added to a minimalist neutral palette themed tree.  So, this year, for no reason at all except that it will be fun, we are going to temporarily retire most of our tree decorations and only use the white and wood scandi-chic stuff.

White christmas

The fun bit is that we can go shopping for a load more decorations to fill in the gaps where the psychedellic rainbow robot, purple fuzzy reindeer head and flashing santa baubles used to hang.

Next year we can revert back to our usual tacky, tasteless mishmash of chrimbo crap and enjoy the silliness of it all anew. But this year, round at our house christmas is going to be classy… Just like yours!

Merry Christmas folks.